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GIA 2009
Invited Speakers
Professor John Liu, Auburn University, (USA)
Status and trends of aquaculture genomics
Professor Ian Johnston, University of St Andrews (UK)
Myogenesis and the regulation of muscle hypertrophy
in teleost fish
Professor Shugo Watabe, The University of Tokyo (Japan)
Functional plasticity of fish myosin heavy chain genes and their spatial and temporal expression patterns
Professor Chris Secombes, University of Aberdeen (UK)
Genomics approaches to elucidate and study the cytokine network of fish
Professor Ed Noga, North Carolina State University (USA)
Factors affecting expression of antimicrobial peptides in fish: piscidins versus hemoglobin peptides
Dr Goro Yoshizaki, Tokyo Univ. Marine Science (Japan)
Germ cell transplantation in fish: can mackerel make tuna?
Professor Takashi Aoki, Tokyo Univ. Marine Science (Japan)
Application of microarray technology as an effective tool in aquacultured fish and shellfish
Professor Steinar Johansen, University of Tromsø (Norway)
Sequencing the Atlantic cod genome and transcriptome
Dr Mike Leaver, University of Stirling (UK)
Genomic effects of dietary vegetable oil in Atlantic salmon: review and post-genomic analysis of HUFA biosynthetic genes
Professor Deborah Power, Univ. of the Algarve (Portugal)
Transcriptome analysis: microarrays versus second generation sequencing technologies
Professor Antonio Figueras, Inst. Marine Research (Spain)
Use of genomics tools understanding non salmonid and bivalve immune response
Dr Richard Reinhardt, Max-Planck Institute (Germany)
Recent advances in European sea bass genomics
Professor Matt Vijayan , University of Waterloo, (Canada)
Stress transcriptomics and the role of cortisol in fish
Dr Joan Cerdà , Institute of Marine Sciences (IRTA), Spain
Genomic resources for a commercial flatfish, the Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis): EST sequencing, oligo microarray design and development of the Soleamold bioinformatic platform
Professor Ben Koop, University of Victoria (Canada)
Resources from the consortium for Genomics Research on All Salmon Project (cGRASP)
Dr Aleksei Krasnov, Nofima Marine (Norway)
Oligonucleotide microarrays: development of bioinformatic tools and performance in pilot experiments
Professor Geir Lasse Taranger, IMR (Norway)
Development of genomic resources in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and applications to studies of reproductive biology